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Jun 3, 201301:51 PMGreen Matters


Solar Shingles Cross the Bridge

Solar Shingles Cross the Bridge
Cape Cod roofing company Paul J. Cazeault & Sons has taken a step forward into the world of renewable energy with their recent partnership with Dow Chemical. Cazeault has added solar shingle installation to the list of services they provide -- a move which could bring photovoltaic tech to the roofs of homes across Cape. The Dow solar shingles that Cazeault will use combine durability with energy efficiency and could make a great investment for savvy homeowners. According to Dow, a 2,500 square foot house in Massachusetts could save an estimated $38,560 over a 25-year period and increase in home value by $22,000. That being said, installing the shingles costs almost twice as much as regular asphalt shingles. Many customers will likely wait for cost to drop before they put solar shingles on their roofs. Other solar panel installers say the shingles are not as efficient as a traditional panel, and black panels are becoming sleeker to blend in with a roof. Learn more at

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