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The 99 Best Things to Eat on the Cape

Hungry? There are plenty of good things to eat around the Cape. The staff of Cape Cod Magazine has a hearty appetite. Here’s a list of their all-time favorites foods to sink their teeth into.

Pasta Abruzzi from Ciro and Sal's Restaurant in Provincetown, MA

Pasta Abruzzi from Ciro and Sal's Restaurant in Provincetown, MA

There are plenty of good things to eat around the Cape.
The staff of Cape Cod Magazine has a hearty appetite. Here’s
a list of their all-time favorites foods to sink their teeth into.

1 Pasta Abruzzese at Ciro and Sal’s
It’s not the old-fashioned Italian ambience—think wicker-covered Chianti bottles—that makes this spot a favorite. It’s the squid, mussels, clams, scallops and fish swimming in garlic, herbs and plum tomatoes over a bed of pasta. 4 Kiley Ct., Provincetown, 508.487.6444

2 Not Your Average Joe’s
Bread Cone and Dip
It’s just bread, you say? Wrong! We can’t stop eating this fresh, soft bread dipped into its simple olive oil, garlic, and grated Romano cheese dip. Keep it coming.
Cape Cod Mall, Hyannis, 508.778.1424

3 Captain Parker’s
New England Clam Chowder
Thick enough to stand your spoon in it and chunky enough to make a meal of. Chowderheads have voted Captain Parker’s chowder the best more times and at more chowder fests they had to stop entering.
668 Rte. 28, West Yarmouth 508.771.4266

4 French Roast Coffee
at Hot Chocolate Sparrow
The French roast here is aromatic and tastes heavenly—a perfect start to the day, or a late-afternoon break when combined with a treat from the chocolate bar.
5 Old Colony Way, Orleans, 508.240.2230

5 Lobster Rolls at
the Friendly Fisherman
Large chunks of lobster rolled with lettuce and mayo in a buttered and grilled hot dog bun are colossally good—this is not your average roadside lobster shack!
Route 6, Eastham, 508.255.6770

6 Hot Fudge Sundae
at Ice Cream Café
Nothing beats the pure deliciousness of an ice cream sundae, unless it’s made with Ice Cream Café’s homemade fudge and rich, buttery ice cream made on site. Topped with real whipped cream, walnuts and cherry with a stem, this marks an official start to summer! 5 South Orleans Rd., Orleans, 508.240.0003

7 Veal Saltimbocca
at Academy Ocean Grill
Pounded paper thin and soaking up a tasty Marsala sauce, this veal is layered with Prosciutto and fresh sage, then topped with gooey, melted Fontina cheese. Perfection!
2 Academy Place, Orleans, 508.240.1585

8 Sir Cricket’s
Fish & Chips
What summer on the Cape is complete without greasy fish and chips? Owned and operated by the fish market next door, this fish is right off the boat. 39 Cranberry Hwy., Rte. 6A, Orleans, 508.255.4453

9 Fried Clams at
Cap’t. Cass at Rock Harbor
The menu here is simple—and taped to
the wall. Nothing fancy, but a sweeter clam
is not to be found. BYOB and watch the sunset. 117 Rock Harbor Rd., Orleans

10 Bacon Swiss Burger
at Tugboats
The only thing that rivals Tugboats’ thick and juicy burger is the view from the bar where you’re eating it. 21 Arlington St., Hyannis, 508.775.6433

11 The Special Porterhouse
at Ocean House
Check in with this room-with-a-view restaurant because when this 36-ounce steak dinner for two hits the menu, we’ll be there! Melt in your mouth with a peppercorn sauce and smothered in sautéed mushrooms, we dare you not to eat the whole thing. 425 Old Wharf Rd., Dennisport, 508.394.0700

12 DJ’s Wings’
Hot Wings
Some like them hot. Some not so much. DJ’s has three levels of hot, although we like to feel the burn. Crispy on the outside and dripping in sauce. 165 Yarmouth Rd., Hyannis, 508.775.9464

13 Any Vodka Martini
at The Mews
Owner Ron Robin has amassed possibly the largest collection of vodka on the planet with 256 brands at last count. Cheers! Bloody Mary from Mews restaurant in Provincetown
429 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.1500

14 Roasted Beet Salad
at Barley Neck Inn
A colorful collection of red and yellow beets and shaved red onion rests on a bed of baby spinach with a sweet mixture of candied pecans, crumbled blue cheese and cranberry vinaigrette—an ideal summer salad. 5 Beach Rd., Orleans, 508.255.0212

15 Rodizio
at Brazilian Grill
Make way for the gauchos and their traveling skewers of meat. Every type of beef, lamb, chicken and pork is available in one sitting, carved at your table until you can’t eat any more. Wear loose pants.
680 Main St., Hyannis, 508.771.0109

16 Turkey Reuben
at Land Ho!
This lively hangout offers up some serious deli spreads at lunch. We love the turkey piled high on rye bread with Russian
dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese that just drips with goodness. 6A and Cove Rd., Orleans, 508.255.5165
17 Red Cottage’s
Home Fries
Order whatever you like, but we recommend getting the special home fries on the side. Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, ham, green peppers, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce…and anything else Chef Dan has kicking around. 36 Old Bass River Rd.,
South Dennis, 508.394.2923

18 Black Raspberry Ice Cream Cone from Four Seas Ice Cream
Rich, creamy and full of flavor, there’s a reason why the Warrens are local legends. Simply put: It’s really good. 360 South Main St., Centerville, 508.775.1394

19 Swordfish Chop
at Naked Oyster
A sight and taste to behold, every moist bite is packed with flavor. The tender cut of fish lies on a bed of grilled asparagus and creamy rice that makes the taste buds sing. 20 Independence Dr., Hyannis, 508.778.6500

20 Nauset Beach Club’s
Made daily with fresh, native produce and seasoned ingredients, it’s almost worth a daily stop just to see what will be combined with the creamy Arborio rice. 222 Main St., Orleans, 508.255.8548

Gorgonzola Salad at the Beacon Room
Field greens and a light vinaigrette become flavorful with the addition of Gorgonzola, walnuts and sun-dried cranberries—the perfect sweet-tart combination. 23 West Rd., Orleans, 508.255.2211

22 Pulled Pork Sandwich
at Sam Diego’s
Piled high, the slow-roasted BBQ pulled pork is oozing with flavor. Put the cole slaw on and you’ve got yourself a sandwich. 950 Iyanough Rd. (Rte 132), Hyannis, 508.771.8816

23 South of the Border Scrambled Egg Burrito at The Daily Paper
Holy moley guaccamoly! Black beans, shaved steak, jalapenos, melted Jack cheese, and three eggs rolled up and ready to dip in guac, salsa and sour cream. 644 West Main St., Hyannis, 508.790.8800

24 Pineapple-Ginger Martini
at Cafe Edwige
House-infused vodka features crystallized ginger and a super-sweet pineapple garnish for a refreshing combo that whets the
whistle! 333 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.2008

25 The Naked Oyster’s
Thai Shrimp
A perfect blend of tangy and spicy (not hot!). It’s not the jumbo shrimp that makes this a favorite but the snow peas and spicy peanut sauce over lo mein. 20 Independence Dr., Hyannis, 508.778.6500

26 Ciro & Sal’s
Zucchini Misto
Crispy, breaded and deep fried to perfection, but it’s not so bad—you’re still eating your veggies! A squeeze of fresh lemon finishes this must-have appetizer. 4 Kiley Ct., Provincetown, 508.487.6444

27 Dirt Bomb
at Cottage Street Bakery
Lifelong devotees rave about this muffin-like buttery bomb. It’s covered in cinnamon & sugar and the star attraction at this little bakery. 5 Cottage St., Orleans, 508.255.2821

28 Lobster Dumplings
at The Mews
Melt-in-your-mouth dumplings! Shumai wrappers filled with fresh lobster meat, ginger, garlic, scallions, and a touch of oyster barely stay afloat in the miso sherry broth. 429 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.1500

29 Penne Prosciutto
at Terra Luna
Thinly sliced Prosciutto and penne
grabs hold of the pink vodka sauce so
you can savor every bite. Follow it up
with profiterols—sweet Madagascar vanilla ice cream and hot fudge—for a sweet
ending to the night. 104 Shore Rd., Truro, 508.487.1019

30 Lobster Chowder at
the Dan’l Webster Inn
A smooth concoction of tomato cream broth
overflowing with chunks of lobster and potatoes.
So yummy. 149 Main St., Sandwich, 508.888.3622

31 Veggie Pizza
at Palio Pizzeria
Brick-oven baked and New York-style thin just ripe for folding and devouring, this pie is loaded with veggies like onions, tomatoes, peppers and black olives so
it must be good for us, too!
435 Main Street, Hyannis, 508.771.700

32 Beachcomber’s
Goombay Smash
Who needs the Caribbean when our own beaches make ideal perches for enjoying this rum-based concoction? Spiced and coconut rum mix with pineapple and orange juice somehow blends perfectly here, which is why more than 2 million have been sold. Go see what the fuss
is all about! 1120 Cahoon Hollow Rd., Wellfleet, 508.349.6055

33 Linguica Breakfast Sandwich at Provincetown Portuguese Bakery
The long lines at Antonio Ferreira’s beloved bakery are worth waiting in if you get your hands around its buttery croissant filled with this Portuguese sweet and spicy sausage. 299 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.1803

34 Soy Ginger Braised Short Ribs at Roadhouse Café
Falling-off-the-bone good paired with steamed white rice that never had so much flavor without the siracha sauce. Such a favorite dish, we’ve never
tried anything else here!
488 South St., Hyannis 508.775.2386

35 Hearth ‘n Kettle’s
Chicken Pot Pie
Comfort foods hold a place near and
dear to our hearts, especially this savory chicken and gravy pie—a flaky puff pastry crust ensures you’ll devour every last bite. Skaket Corners, Rt. 6A at West Rd., Orleans, 508.240.0404

36 Blue Fin Tuna
at Mac’s Shack
Seared on the outside, almost raw in the middle with a slightly spiced crust, this fresh catch is cooked to perfection, topped with a ginger-soy sauce and served with Wasabi. 91 Commercial St., Wellfleet, 508.349.6333

37 Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar’s Onion Rings
Sure, the seafood is supposed to be the main draw but we come for the mile-high pile of shoestring-thin, lightly battered onion rings. Eat them all then get on the bike trail to burn away the calories!
3580 State Hwy., Eastham, 508.255.2575

38 Chicken Salad
at Village Farm Market
This is no ordinary chicken salad, which is why one staff member has to take every visitor to this market when they come to town. All white meat and mayo done in such a way we can’t recreate the dish at home. It’s not a day at the beach without it. 199 Main St., Orleans, 508.255.1949

39 Cranberry Pecan Bread
at Pain D’Avignon
It’s the Cape, of course we’re including
cranberries. Nothing beats the tart flavor found in this sweet bread with a crunchy crust. Eat it for breakfast, lunch,
with a salad or by itself any time of the day!
15 Hinckley Rd., Hyannis, 508.778.8588

40 Sole Meuniere
at Red Pheasant Inn
The signature dish that hasn’t left the menu since 1977, perfected by Bill Atwood Sr., who once served it to the French ambassador to the U.S. Light and fresh in a lemon, sweet butter and white sauce. 905 Main St., Rte. 6A, Dennis, 508.385.2133

41 Chicken Liver and Pistachio Pate at Ross’ Grill
Homemade and served generously with capers, cornichons, whole-grain mustard, hardboiled egg, red onion, sour cream and soft French bread slices. 237 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.8878

42 Finbars Landing’s
Fish Tacos
Fresh fish, lightly battered and fried, served with guacamole and homemade salsa. A take-out treat for lunch or dinner. 5 Rte. 6A, Orleans, 508.255.3095

43 Chicken Sausage from
East Orleans Deli Market
Homemade sausage, perfectly spiced by the local butcher, is an outer beach staple. Grilled with caramelized onions on a toasted roll, the sandwich has been devoured religiously since 1975.
211 Main St., Orleans, 508.255.6512

44 Pulled Pork at
Smokehouse Café
Carolina-style pulled pork smoked over hickory logos and served up nice
and sloppy on a bulky roll with mild or spicy sauce. Finger-lickin’ good!
291 Queen Anne Rd., Harwich, 508.432.1401

45 Boneless Buffalo Wings
at Clancy’s
Fried chicken tenderloins tossed in buffalo sauce that doesn’t kill taste buds. Large portion; largely satisfying! 8 Upper County Rd., Dennis Port, 508.394.6661

46 New England Lobster Ravioli at Ocean House
Perhaps it’s the touch of champagne
in the cream sauce that makes this ravioli so decadent? Who cares? Lobster, good. Champagne, good. Views of Nantucket Sound, good. 425 Old Wharf Rd., Dennis- port, 508.394.0700

47 Hawaiian Pizza
at Jack’s
Order it with or without the honey drizzle, but we recommend with. And listen when they tell you not to bother ordering extra cheese. Oh yeah, the crust is so rich it’s like a pastry. 373 W. Main St., Hyannis, 508.775.0612

48 Marconi Sub
at Farland Provisions
No noodles here, just an Italian sub made with piles of rosemary ham, Genoa
salami, mortadella, provolone, and all the trimmings. 150 Bradford St., Provincetown, 508.487.0045

49 Spicy Tuna Handroll
at Inaho
This is as fresh as it gets. Yellowtail, scallions and rice wrapped in Nori with Inaho’s “special” sauce is “especially” delicious! 157 Route 6A, Yarmouth Port, 508.362.5522

50 BBQ Pepper Shrimp
at the Lobster Pot
Wanna know what the locals are eating? Head to the Lobster Pot and feast on the jumbo shrimp sautéed in pepper, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce—gives it a kick. 321 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.0842

51 Scallop and Clam Pies at
Mid-Cape Seafood Products
Delicious as dessert pies, the secret is in the cracker crumbs for a broiled flavor.
28 Huntington Ave., S. Yarmouth, 508.398.2432.

52 Donuts at Hole in One Donut Shop
The hand-cut cinnamon and sugar donuts are pure melt-in-your-mouth sugary goodness. Bar none the best donut shop on Cape Cod.
4295 Route 6, North Eastham, 508.255.9446

53 Cape Cod Beer Company’s
Cape Cod IPA
Forget about “born on” dating,
this stuff is as fresh as it gets!
If you like bold, hoppy beer,
the India Pale Ale from Hyannis
is just what the doctor ordered.
Get a pint at your favorite watering hole or a growler from the brewery. 1336 Phinney’s Lane, Hyannis, 508.790.4200

54 Sole Piccatta
at Barnstable Tavern
When the mood strikes for a scenic dinner spot, head to this tavern for it’s sole prepared in a lemon and caper white wine sauce. 3176 Main St., Barnstable, 508.362.2355

55 Rack of Lamb
at Red Inn
We don’t know what they rub on the lamb here—Shh! It’s a secret—but this signature dish is a must-have. The meat
is so tender you can slice it with a butter knife! 15 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.7334

56 Steak au Poivre
at Dolphin
One staffer’s favorite dish, she ranks this one the best on the Cape. The pepper crust is perfection on the pan-roasted steak served in a demi glaze-mustard cream sauce. 3250 Main St., Barnstable, 508.362.6610

57 Jimmy’s HideAway
We first ranked the HideAway as one of the Cape’s coziest places, but the 100% Angus beef burger topped with Gruyere cheese and grilled onions is mouth-watering good. 179 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.1011

58 Chicken Tenders
at Ardeo on Main
An appetizing staple, these lightly breaded and fried chicken tenders are tossed in a red pepper sauce. Light as a spring roll with a touch of spice—perfect for pairing with a pomegranate martini. Or two! 644 Main St., Hyannis, 508.790.1115

59 Pizza 1 & Subs 2’s
Steak Bomb
Using steak seasoned fresh each morning, this infamous sandwich is loaded with sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. Nothing healthy about it, but worth the extra miles on the treadmill. 769 Rte. 28, East Falmouth, 508.457.1212

60 Sweet Potato Fries
at Joes Beach Road Bar
The chef’s homemade sweet potato fries are the perfect sweet/salty snack on their own and are also great with Joe’s Bigger Badder burger. 5 Beach Road, East Orleans, 508.255.0212

61 Pork Tenderloin
at Finely JP’s
One of the house specialties, the sautéed medallions of pork loin is always tender and perfectly paired with tart slices of Granny Smith apples and delicate Chevre goat cheese. 554 Rte. 6, Wellfleet, 508.349.7500

62 Tuna Bolognese
at Blackfish
The tuna Bolognese over pappardelle epitomizes this restaurant’s dedication to fresh organic ingredients. Slow simmered in a sauce of mascarpone cheese and lemon confit, it’s both inventive and approachable. 17 Truro Center Road, Truro, 508.349.3399

63 BBQ at Russ & Marie’s Marconi Beach Barbecue
This Southern-style restaurant slow
cooks its meats for hours using assorted woods for flavoring. The combo BBQ ribs and half chicken plate is a massive meal slathered in tangy sauce and served with home-cooked fixins.
545 Rte. 6, South Wellfleet, 508.349.6025

64 Baked Macaroni and
Five Cheeses at Bleu
Seriously—FIVE cheeses! The best
macaroni and cheese you’ll ever eat.
10 Market St., Mashpee, 508.539.7907

65 Buffalo and Rosemary
Crostini at Regatta
Tender buffalo, slow-cooked and served on grilled flatbread with fire-roasted shitake mushrooms and a warm bleu cheese sauce. It’s only an appetizer but worthy of being its own delectable meal. 4631 Falmouth Rd./Rte. 28, Cotuit, 508.428.5715

66 Bruschetta
at Schooners
Not your traditional bruschetta: A basil pesto
spread with sliced mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and anchovies—or try it with feta for even more flavor.
372 Main St., Hyannis, 508.778.7588

67 Lobster at the Lobster Pot
What’s in a name? Everything when it comes to lobster. The Lobster Pot’s got your favorite
buttery shellfish—up to 10 pounds in size, if you think you can pack it all in!
321 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.0842

68 Oysters Rockefeller
at Impudent Oyster
This traditional recipe is partnered
with delicious local oysters—the perfect summer appetizer. 15 Chatham Bars Ave., Chatham, 508.945.3545

69 Blackened Tuna Sashimi at Mahoney’s Atlantic Bar & Grill
We’re not sure if it’s the pickled Ginger, Wasabi or Daikon that makes it taste so good, but this very rare fresh tuna is to die for. 28 Main St., Orleans, 508.255.5505

70 Garlic Bagel
at Brown Bag Bagels
Made fresh in house these oversized bagels have tons of flavor. The hand-mixed cream cheese flavors makes every bagel that much more tasty. 70 Center St., Hyannis, 508.771.7877

71 Omelets at
Old Yarmouth Inn
This make-your-own omelet bar lets
you pick the ingredients—a plethora
to choose from—cooked to order before your eyes. A hot and tasty Sunday brunch. 223 Rte. 6A, Yarmouth Port, 508.362.9962

72 The Wild Goose Tavern’s
Fish Called Wanda
Grilled salmon swims in a lemon beurre blanc sea after being sautéed with garlic, shallots, capers and mushrooms. Yum!
512 Main St., Chatham, 508.945.5590

73 Wellfleet Oysters
at the Beachcomber
If you’re going to eat oysters, they better be Wellfleets. And if they are Wellfleets, eat ‘em there at the Beachcomber’s
raw bar. 1120 Cahoon Hollow Rd., Wellfleet, 508.349.6055

74 Lemon
Meringue Pie
at Marion’s
Pie Shop
Makes our mouths water just thinking about this light and tart pie made from scratch. Slices are so large you should share. But you won’t. 2022 Main St., Chatham, 508.432.9439

75 Tuna Steak at
Island Merchant
For a Caribbean kick, the Cape Cod Potato Chip-encrusted tuna steak doesn’t disappoint. Fresh tuna is flavored with a blend of fresh limejuice and spices creatively combined with the salty crunch of chips. 302 Main Street, Hyannis, 508.771.1337

76 The Coonamessett Inn’s Baked Seafood Macaroni
Combining fresh seafood and our favorite comfort food into one? Who knew food could taste this good! We’re back again and again for this gooey Cheddar cheese, lobster, rock shrimp and pasta dish.
311 Gifford St., Falmouth, 508.548.2300

77 The Stuffy
at Land Ho
Large clam shells stuffed full of a unique clam stuffing that seems to reinvent itself every year into something even more appetizing than the year before. Enough to share! Rt. 6A and Cove Rd., Orleans, 508.255.5165
78 Lobster & Shrimp Pad Thai
at Abba
Peanut sauce and vinegar, a perfect match? At Abba it is. Your tastebuds will love the unlikely pairing in this creamy Thai sauce.
89 Old Colony Way at West Rd., Orleans, 508.255.8144

79 Seasons Shrimp at Inn
at Duck Creeke
Sauteéd in tomatoes, garlic and herbs, maybe it’s the feta that makes this shrimp special so tasty? 70 Main St., Wellfleet, 508.349.9333

80 Roast Beef Sub
at Eastham Superette
Tender and juicy with all the fixin’s, thinly sliced from medium rare to well done! Just don’t forget the tongue-tingling hot pepper relish for that extra kick. Route 6, Eastham, 508.255.0530

81 Brewster Fish House’s
Crispy Calamari
Why waste any part of the squid when it
all tastes so good? Thick rings and tender
tentacles fried in a light batter. Give each a swipe of Asian black bean aioli and you’re good to go. 2208 Main St./6A, Brewster, 508.896.7867

82 Baha Burrito at
B2 Burrito Bistro
Crunchy fried fish with veggies and sauce wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. The best part is the tortilla.Warm and really yummy. 790 Iyannough Rd., Hyannis, 508.771.6071

83 House Dressing
at Roadhouse Cafe
So good we could easily pour an entire
bottle on our salads. A group sport because of the chunks of garlic. 488 South St., Hyannis, 508. 775.2386

84 Front Street’s
It’s a toss up: butternut ravioli with sage brown butter and shaved pecorino or wild mushroom ravioli with a sun-dried tomato butter and Gorgonzola? So good you may just order both. 230 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508.487.9715

85 Tapas at
Trevi Cafe
Forget just eating one meal, go for a selection of tapas instead. Lamb lollipops in a red wine, rosemary, honey reduction; flank steak in a gorgonzola cream sauce, herb and Parmesan risotto, sauteed mushrooms and shaved garlic in a sherry wine reduction and an artisanal cheese board have become regular dinner faves for one staffer. 25 Market St., Mashpee, 508.477.0055

86 Lobster Salad
at The Chart Room
Situated on a marina the Chart Room affords great sunset views paired with living jazz. Get the lobster salad atop a huge tomato slice or as a sandwich roll. Delish!
1 Shipyard Lane, Cataumet, 508.563.5350

87 Portobello Mushroom Toast
at Agro Dolce
Forget bruchetta, says one staffer—focaccia bread topped with grilled portobelo and shaved Parmesan with truffle oil is the best Italian appetizer on the Cape. Bar none! 2671 Main St., Brewster, 508.896.8600
90 Pate’s
Filet Mignon
Just like mom used to make, wrapped in bacon this filet is skewered with peppers, onion and mushrooms. Route 28, Chatham, 508.945.9777

88 Chocolate Chip Cookies
at Pie in the Sky
Baked daily, on-premises, we like to
grab a few of these treats for the ferry ride. The chips melt in the summer sun for
extra gooey goodness.
10 Water St., Woods Hole, 508.540.5475

89 Bloody Mary’s at
the Lobster Pot
This is “Shawn’s Famous”
bloody Mary—pepperoncini,
peppercorn, lemon peel,
vodka and homemade
Bloody Mary mix.
It will cure what ails you!
321 Commercial Street,
Provincetown, 508.487.0842

91 Wicked Oyster’s
Fresh from the sea these babies swim in tomato broth with a Mexican flare: jalapeños, cilantro and lime. 50 Main St., Wellfleet, 508.349.3455

92 Cape Sea Grille’s
Chocolate Lava Cake
OMG! Warm chocolate cake with cherry sauce and more chocolate? We’ve died and gone to heaven. 31 Sea St., Harwich Port, 508.432.4745

93 Wayside Inn’s
Chili-Maple Chicken Salad
Head to the Goose for a sweet and tart salad concoction with maple-marinated chicken, mandarian oranges, walnuts, raisins, dried cranberries, carrots and red onion with a cranberry-raspberry vinaigrette. 512 Main St., Chatham, 508.945.5590

94 Seafood Medley
at Captain Kidd’s
Bring on the seafood! Scallops, shrimp, scrod and the catch of the day are topped with planko crumbs and baked in a lemon, butter, white wine sauce. Eat up!
77 Water St., Woods Hole, 508.548.8563

95 Caesar Salad
at Wimpy’s
We’ll gladly pay Wednesday for this hearty salad on Tuesday! Big as your head bowl of salad with a creamy dressing is great on its own or top it with calamari, salmon, shrimp, chicken, lobster salad or steak.
752 Main St., Osterville, 508.428.6300

96 Pancakes
at Pancake Man
The simplicity of a fluffy pancake loaded with butter and syrup can’t be beat during crowded mornings at the Pancake Man. Well, maybe for the banana/walnut
pancakes instead. 952 Route 28, South Yarmouth,  508.398.9532

97 Tuna Burger
at Belfry Bistro
And now for something completely different…a tuna steak “burger” with seaweed salsa and Wasabi on a toasted sesame seed bun. Who needs sirloin? 8 Jarves St., Sandwich, 508.888.8550

99 Ribs at Barbyann’s
Piled high atop a plate of spicy fries, these Baby Back ribs are smothered in BBQ sauce guaranteed to make you use your wet naps. 120 Airport Rd., Hyannis, 508.775.9795


98 Prix Fixe Dinners
at Wine List
Technically a wine shop, the monthly dinners pairing wines with meals from around the world—Argentina, Provence, Italy—provides great food, great wine, and makes a night of it. 655 Iyanough Rd., Hyannis, 508.771.9463

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